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Tom Draper, Eau Claire Home Inspection
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"I'm so glad I made time to attend my home inspection. Tom encouraged me to walk with him through the entire process. The information he shared on maintenance items alone greatly offset the inspection fee. I've recommended Tom to my brother and several friends from work."

Bryan Tills,
Chippewa Valley

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Q. Why do I need a home inspection?
A. Your new home is the largest purchase you'll probably ever make. It only makes sense to find out as much as you can about the property before you buy. My report will not only document working and non-working systems, but will point out routine maintenance items that need to be taken care of. My goal is to give you a clear picture of the many systems and structural elements that make up your new home. If you are selling your home, a home inspection will point out any potential problems that might be uncovered later by the buyer's inspector. Finding them early will allow you to address them before listing your home, making for a faster and smoother sale.

Q. What does a home inspection include?
A. My report follows state guidelines for all major systems and structural elements of the house. This includes the condition of the homes heating and air conditioning system, plumbing and electrical systems, roof, foundation, attic and visible insulation, doors, walls, windows and all visible structures.

Q. Do I need to be there during the inspection?
A. No, you are not required to be at the inspection. However, I highly recommend that you be present. It can be the most valuable learing experience for most people and will help you get the most benefit from the inspection. By walking with me, you can ask questions directly and I can explain the maintenance tips for specific areas. You'll have a good working knowledge of your new home when we are finished.

Q. How long will the inspection take?
A. The time will vary depending on the size, age, and condition of your new home. Typical time would be approximately 2-2 1/2 hours. Larger and older homes in poor condition may take longer.

Q. What do I do next?
A. Call me! I'll ask you some baseline questions about your home and its location. I'll give you the inspection fee. You and I will pick a time and date that works best for both of us. I can usually inspect your home within a week's time, depending on the real estate market. I will schedule the inspection with the listing company and notify your real estate agent of our inspection time and date. I have a lockbox key and will meet you on-site the day of the inspection. I'll provide you with two copies of the written report when we're done.

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